Kittens: The right age for delivery

The correct age for the delivery of kittens is actually about twelve weeks. Nevertheless, you can always see advertisements that want to place kittens at the age of six to eight weeks. But this time is much too early. You can find out why this is here. Humans cannot replace kittens under twelve weeks of their mother - Image: Shutterstock / Schubbel

Explore the world on paddy feet, eat cat food and use the litter box: The fact that a kitten can already do a lot at the age of six weeks often leads to the misconception that it is now ready for delivery and its new home. But for a good start to a happy life, the cute bundles of joy are far from old enough.

The right time: When should you give away kittens at the earliest?

Kittens enjoy and need their mother's care and cuddle units until they are twelve weeks old, even if they can do a lot on their own. By copying, they learn a lot from their mother during this time, while they build up resistance to stress and a firm character through the warmth and care.

Most kittens still drink milk from their mother every now and then between the ages of six to twelve weeks - and that's a good thing because it gives them a lot of important nutrients.

By playing with their siblings, the kittens also learn important things about social behavior and how to playfully use their natural hunting instinct. A person simply cannot replace these important experiences if he delivers them too early.

Hand in your kitten at twelve weeks: ready to move

When the kittens have spent twelve weeks with their mother and siblings, the little ones can enjoy optimal conditions to grow up quickly and to be strong and to grow up healthy and happy. At the time, her character is sufficiently firm to withstand the stress of moving.

If a cat is released too early, this can lead to a kind of trauma. Then she did not yet have enough confidence and security to deal with the many new stimuli in her environment.

As a result, behavioral disorders are threatened that are not easy to remedy. The defenses of the young cats are mature at twelve weeks. Until then, the veterinarian should have given her two vaccinations. So she is fit for the future at this age and you can take her to your loving home with a clear conscience.

What do kittens learn from their cat mother?

It is advisable to separate kittens from their cat mother at the age of about twelve weeks, ...

Raising a kitten: trust is important

When you move in a kitten at least twelve weeks old, the first step is to build trust. So that your youngster learns the important basics, such as keeping aggressions in check and keeping the furniture intact, you should show her that you can feel safe and secure with you.

In addition to building trust and security, you need to meet the basic needs of the little ones, including:

  • suitable cat food for young animals
  • a scratching post or the opportunity to sharpen the small claws
  • toy
  • a warm and cozy place to sleep
  • Hide and climb opportunities

Play and occupy your new pet appropriately and respond to the needs. You can read more about this topic in the guide: "Raising kittens: What kittens have to learn".