Howl - What does it mean and why does my dog ​​howl?

The word "howl" immediately takes us to the stories of the werewolves, who howl at the full moon from the top of the hills, don't they? Or, still, in a slightly less fanciful scenario, we can think of wolves, which communicate through howling. And then we remember that our dogs howl too! It is like a chain; the first howling takes place in the distance and soon all the dogs in the neighborhood are communicating.

and why this happens? Because the howl it is the way that dogs use to communicate with each other at a distance, establishing locations and trying to get together, as wolves do to concentrate the entire pack in one place.

So do dogs howl because of genetic inheritance?

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Yes. Howling behavior is, yes, a legacy of wolves, but in the case of dogs, howling is not used only to know where each dog is. When a female is in heat, she releases a characteristic odor in the air, in order to attract the attention of the males that are close. When they smell, nearby males howl, showing themselves to be present and available for breeding with the female.

In addition, a howling dog it can be a sign of loneliness and an attempt to get the attention of its owners. Stress, boredom and lack of activities with their owners can also cause the dog to howl.

Why is my dog ​​howling?

With so many possible causes, it is common for us to be confused as to the reason that is causing the dog howl, and the main way to find out the reason for this behavior is observation. Be aware of the moments when the howling occurs, and try to understand what is causing your dog to howl.

Howling, a dog may be trying to alert its owner to a problem (perhaps, even health, but not necessarily) or simply to demonstrate that it is needy and wanting more attention.

There is also the so-called Separation Anxiety Syndrome, which is nothing more than an excessive anxiety of the dog when separating from its owner, leading to unpleasant and uncomfortable behaviors, such as barking or howling in excess.

The consultation of a professional in animal behavior can also be very valuable in these cases, because, in addition to detecting the exact cause of your dog's behavior, he will also be able to work with you on the solution to the problem.

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