What the devil MCO?

Maine is a state in the US, coon is the dialect name of a raccoon. Where did the cat come from?

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There were always dogs in the family. I dreamed about a dog since I was a child, but due to the resistance of my parents, it was only when I "went on my own" come true. The "German Shepherd" was with us for 5 years, but after my father's death I had to make a difficult decision. The dog loved his Father with all his heart, and after his departure he suffered terribly, being left alone for hours at home. He needed company, activities, not to get depressed. I put him in a good home, he has a bitch to accompany him, they both guarded a large area.

There was an emptiness in my house ...

No nose sticking into my hand or the bottom of the duvet to encourage me to get up. Lack of an attentive listener, a companion for frequent lonely hours at home. However, common sense said "no, the other dog will suffer as many hours at home alone while you are working ...".

But this emptiness ...

Years ago, when we were in the States, we met a friend with a cat that we have never seen before: quite fluffy, with an ostrich feather tail, talkative, outgoing. When asked about the breed, the friend did not know, because the kitten strayed to her. In some visited pet shop for sale, there was a similar cat in a cage, the sign said, "Cat Maine Coon."

What the hell is this Maine Coon? Maine is a state in the United States, coon is the dialect name of the raccoon work. Where did the cat come from?

But the seed has been sown.

This seed lay for a long time without sprouting until the dog was empty. The seed woke up from sleep, timidly began to sprout roots ... Watered carefully by her husband, who in his childhood was always surrounded by some cats. And the search for an answer to the question posed above began. Well, what is it?

Magazines, books, cat shows and exhibitions ... (the Internet was in its infancy at the time).

This "ki devil MCO?" turned out to be the closest in character to a dog (I knew about cats then as much as the average catless man). And this beauty ... And this presence ... And this temperament ... Yeah ... this is IT!

With this decision and a firm resolve, we went to the Warsaw cat show in Warszawianka. It was your 2001, mid-October.

Lots of kittens of this breed. So we go from cage to cage but somehow nothing beats in my heart at the sight of them. In the row by the window (I remember to this day!), Some fluffy creature was sleeping on a hammock suspended in a cage. Black with traces of a lighter color, with cream eyes fringed with a cream face. Something caught my attention ... Something made me stop by this cage longer. "Come on, let's check out the rest of the kittens," said the husband. We walked around the exhibition a few times, but we always came back to the same pooch.

Reflection, look at yourself ... decision ... we buy!

The next day, Bajra Koci Szarm * PL came to our home.

The Cat's Era is here. The era of "ki devil MCO?"

Cat's Era ...

The kitten spent the first days under the cupboard, leaving carefully and exploring the apartment. Now looking at the 6.5 kg of Bajrzyna's power, I cannot get over the fact that the toto could fit into a 4-finger gap. But then came the days when the toddler gave up the hiding place for good and started trying, which I will let her do in the home madness. Flowers? Dig? Dump? Can i? Well, I like flowers too, so on the first such attempt, not thinking at all what I was doing, I instinctively gave a "psi" order: Bajra, NO! " And here was the shock of my life ... The creature hesitated about further devastation of the plants, looked at me ... "Bajra, NO!" - it fell again. And Bajra, mumbling under her mustache, "well, okay, okay, what the shout is about", gave up the forbidden activity, leaving me jawless on the floor.

I have read so much that a cat cannot be raised, that it is not a dog, no prohibitions will work ...

Well, encouraged by the first success, I started to implement "dog" training methods: bans by voice (the newspaper was the last resort), traps, etc. Kotecek turned out to be a capable student ...

However, all of this had to be used very carefully, Bajra was quite shy. What a joy it was when it first settled on my breast! When she got to bed and lay down on the pillows! (Now I regret it often, when the mass of fur pushes me off the eggs at night, pushes the fur into my mouth, chokes me with the tail stretched across my face) I also experienced a heart attack when I woke up at night and stroked the kitty. I couldn't feel my breath! I move the paw ... It falls limp! I raise my head ... Flies backwards ... AAAAA !!!! With my heart on the edge of myocardial infarction, I grab the kitten in my arms, start massaging ... the sleepy blind is opening: "well, oh sssooo chooodziii, noooooooooooooooo ..."

The kitten grew, gained confidence and self-confidence, domestic madness was the order of the day. He traveled with us everywhere - to his allotment, on vacation to his friends in Białowieża. Where we were, the cat felt safe and secure. Left for safekeeping with friends, she did not eat, she hid in the corners ... A cat with a doggy character ... We wanted this mom.
Bajra is a "ritualist" cat, every activity connected with her must be subject to a constant, unchanging ritual. Combing - only on the couch, only with the accompaniment of a rumble, with an "escape", when Bajra jumps off the couch, "runs away" two steps, stops and waits, "well, catch me, what are you waiting for, I ran away from you". I catch it and we continue to comb.
And so with a lot of things. Disrupting the ritual is great dissatisfaction, a huff, a toss of the tail in impatience.
My beloved, "fluffy" fur, my Bajra. She taught me a lot about the cat's psyche, cat language (it is very communicative), cat habits, care and care.

The first MCO devil in my house.

Simply: Bajra

Maria Dobrowolska, Gray Shadow * PL kennel

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