Bulldog Tillman loves skating and surfing

Tillmann is a bulldog - but above all a Californian. The inhabitants of the American sunny state love their sun, the beach and the sea. And what do you like to do under such conditions? You go surfing and skating. So also Tillmann.

In California it is possible to ski and go to the beach on the same day. The basic condition for this is just getting up in time, because it takes a little time to get to the mountains inland. If the bulldog Tillmann could drive a car, he would have indulged in this pleasure long ago. Because the beaches and streets of Los Angeles have long been his territory.

A bulldog that skates and surfs

The bulldog rides on the skateboard with such suppleness and accuracy that even the professionals of this sport are amazed. From Santa Monica Pier to Dodger Stadium, across Hollywood, over stairs and hills, for Tillmann there are no limits. The bulldog prefers to drive straight down to the beach. Where the beautiful and steeled Californian bodies shine in the sun, the wrinkled Tillmann gives himself the ultimate surf kick.

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