How to open a veterinary clinic

Heated, the pet market in Brazil is increasingly gaining the attention of entrepreneurs, who see this type of business as the perfect opportunity for new investments with great possibilities of return. However, before launching in this market, it is necessary to know in which specific segment of the pet branch it will operate; and, in view of the fact that the businesses related to animal health are of great importance and demand in this universe, knowing how to open a veterinary clinic becomes essential for anyone looking for opportunities in the field.

Besides being important to have professionals, structure, machinery and tools that are in accordance with the standards of quality and safety of the pet market, it is also essential to know what type of legislation must be followed to unveil the mysteries of how to open a veterinary clinic in Brazil, avoiding future problems due to rules or interpretations not fulfilled or correctly understood.

Firstly, anyone who decides to choose to open a veterinary clinic must know what the specifications of this type of business are - which should not and cannot be confused with other ‘specialties’ in the pet world quite similar, such as veterinary offices or hospitals.

According to the Decree number 40.400 / 95 of the State of São Paulo, a veterinary clinic is an enterprise that operates during restricted hours and where animals can enjoy services that include medical consultations, treatments and surgeries - whether or not they can count on inpatient services for your pet patients. In addition, it is absolutely necessary that this type of enterprise has the constant presence of a veterinary professional, who must bear the technical responsibilities of the place.

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Although this definition may seem quite simple and even obvious to professionals in the field, the chances of confusion among the specialties closest to the animal world can generate a lot of confusion for entrepreneurs - since surgeries cannot be performed in veterinary offices (only focused on , for consultations) and the possibility of hospitalization of animals is required in hospitals in the branch - which must also operate 24 hours a day.

Find out more in detail below about how to open a veterinary clinic quality and that follows all the norms related to this type of business:

Records and structure of the establishment

As previously mentioned, being informed about the records and documentation necessary to open a veterinary clinic is essential for the process to be quick and smooth; therefore, when starting your business planning, it is essential to check the procedures required by State Decree 40.400 / 95 (if the establishment is in São Paulo) and the resolutions of the CFMV - Federal Council of Veterinary Medicine.

Having taken the necessary steps in relation to the records for the opening of the new venture, it is time to analyze the opportunities that this business offers and do the trade planning - evaluating the most varied potentials, weaknesses and threats that may affect the company.

Whatever the size, a veterinary clinic is a business that requires large investments to be opened - considering that only the price of the machinery and the complete set of equipment and professionals that will be necessary for the proper functioning of the company will already be considerably high.

Based on this principle, put together a list of all main items needed to set up the veterinary clinic - in addition to their respective values ​​- is the starting point for structuring this new venture well.

This type of account must include all types of essential items for the clinic to function with quality, including the amounts that will be disbursed to veterinary professionals, staff, product stock, service structure, working capital and expenses with possible reforms or improvements in the place where the business will be housed; giving you an idea of ​​what will be consumed from your initial capital and the amount needed to set aside to resolve any unforeseen issues along the way.

Bearing in mind that each company has a financial planning different - which will be based on the size and structure of the specific enterprise - it is important to remember that all the most varied details must be taken into account during this initial moment, and that no expenditure should be 'guessed' or underestimated at this time; since each business can have significant variations according to its properties and services.

Key issues to open a veterinary clinic

The financial and legal portion of the new business having been resolved, it is time to think about the project's planning and the best ways to make it attract customers and generate good results. Location of the company, products and services offered, teams of employees and collaborators, suppliers, partners, differentials and prices charged must be thoroughly analyzed and defined at this stage - allowing the business to have a focused target audience and its demand to be met with mastery.

Below are some of the essential questions and considerations at this stage of planning for opening a veterinary clinic:

  • What services and products will be offered?
    This is the great starting point for planning; since, it is from the products and services offered by your clinic that the other items on this list will be defined. Market research and competitor research are essential at this time, giving a broader idea of ​​the type of rising demand and the services considered as differentials in the companies that compete with yours.
  • Where will the business be housed?
    The location chosen to host the veterinary clinic must have good conditions for attracting customers, and more 'general' factors must also be considered in this specific point - such as the need for parking for customers or the existence of some legal restriction for the installation of such a company in this area.
  • How will the company be?
    The need for employees for specific functions should be the focus of this item - which should define what each person's responsibilities are and how financial, administrative issues related to the provision of services, training or the sale of products should be resolved.
  • How much will you be charged for each product and service?
    The desired billing and the prices charged by the competition are items that cannot be left out when it comes to defining the amount charged for your clinic's products and services; allowing a thorough analysis of the costs of the enterprise and the profit that is essential for the survival of the business.
  • Who is part of the company's target audience?
    It is absolutely necessary to know who your customer is, where he is and how you can attract him to your business. Keeping in mind what are the main demands and motivations of potential customers to take their pets to a veterinary clinic can give you new business ideas.
  • How many employees will be needed and what will be their skills?
    From the products and services that will be offered by the company, it is possible to measure how many and which employees will be necessary for the company to function with quality. In addition to these employees, it is also essential to know the ideal profile of the professional who will run the company and what level of technical knowledge he must have to manage a veterinary clinic. Knowing the ways to become familiar with the management of this type of business and knowing how to develop and fit the right profile are also fundamental measures for those who open this type of enterprise.
  • What investment is needed?
    Calculations of initial expenses with the company must also be defined (as explained above), and it is necessary to know which investments will be the most urgent with the opening of the business - as well as the right partner profiles to be part of the enterprise and the possible need additional credit or loans at that first moment.
  • What results are expected and obtained in a given period? It is necessary to know what kind of result is expected at a given time after the opening of the business, assessing whether the business project carried out has the capacity to generate good profits for its investors. By measuring the company's results after a defined period, it is possible to assess how efficient the planning was developed and put into practice; being able to adapt it according to the biggest ‘errors’ found if the return obtained was not consistent with what was expected.

Conquering the clientele

After all the planning and opening of the business has been done, it is necessary to attract the clientele so that the enterprise can evolve and grow. Taking into account the high number of means and vehicles that can help to propagate new companies, it may seem difficult to choose the ideal - however, more and more entrepreneurs have discovered the advantages that the online disclosure can bring; especially when properly planned.

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