Animal World - The fascinating universe of four legs

Having a pet is always very tasty. After all, they give us attention, affection, love, they are companions, faithful and regardless of being a cat or a dog, their personality always brings pleasant surprises. But do you really know the animal world?

It is worth remembering that the animal world it goes far beyond the dog wagging its tail, barking when it wants to attract attention, the cat rubbing itself on the people it likes or needing a scratcher for its nails. This universe goes further and has incredible curiosities, which can make everyone understand even more the reasons for many things.

What's interesting in the animal world when it comes to dogs?

These pets have lots of curiosities. One of them, for example, is that the act of licking others, whether human beings or other animals, is not a typical mania for a certain behavior or a simple "kiss" in return, as most believe. In their sign language, licking is a gesture of reverence, synonymous with saying "I like you".

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The idea of ​​believing that he kisses came from the human being's own interpretation, which brought this practice to their personal explanation. However, don't they lick their toys? There is the clarification of so much zeal for your things! It is for these and others that knowing more about animal world it is worth it.

Another interesting fact is that the hearing of this type of pet is much sharper than the sight, but its sense of smell wins over the other two senses, in addition to being much greater when compared to people. While we have 5 million receivers to smell things, they have 200 million. So, there's no point in trying to hide his little bone, because only you will believe that he doesn't know where he is. And if you are a mongrel, who has even more power in his nose, this mission becomes impossible.

Returning to the analysis of the vision in the animal world, dogs are not color blind as they believe and see, in addition to black and white colors, also blue, yellow and gray. And the way of distinguishing things has this sequence: first they capture the movement, then the brightness and then both, the shape of what they are seeing.

And did you know that their expressions also change? Or rather, they have 100 different ones, most of them concentrated in the ears. The idea that they smile is controversial, as some believe that wheezing in moments of joy is their laughter. Whether the person believes it or not, that's fine, but one thing is for sure: they make us laugh a lot!

The curiosities of the animal world about cats

The concept that because they are independent they do not let them be a good pet has long since lost strength. After all, animal world cats and dogs are still the four favorite ducks for families. And they have peculiarities that make them even more attractive.

Like dogs, cats are also not color blind and have 185 degree vision. So, in addition to seeing the shades of green, blue and yellow (in addition to black and white), they still have more powerful eyes than those of people, as they only need 1/6 of the light we need to see normally. In contrast, the fact that they have adapted to vision in the dark has made them lose the ability to view details.

But the animal world it compensates for one thing with another, like their mustaches, which total 24, grouped 4 in 4. With them, felines measure distances, that's why they are so accurate and know how to pass through various objects without dropping anything or falling. Do you understand now why you can't even prune this “sensor” of them?

Also speaking of the ability of cats to get away from the stigma of fumblers, they tiptoe and are their receptors in their paws, which are always in contact with the brain, alerting where each element is, which is new and which have been changed of place, where it is hot and it must pass away, which is edible, that is, their sensitivity is to envy many who live by tapping their toes in the corners of the furniture.

And want more news? Pussies that live at home can run at a speed of around 50 km / h, less than those that live on the streets, but still very agile for a domesticated pet. In short: they have a lot of self-control. It is once again the animal world surprising!

The animal world between dogs and cats: what is the same or different?

One of the curiosities that many have is that they are right-handed or left-handed. And yes, they have these differences, just like humans. So, notice which furry paw you step on first or nudge you to get attention. The riddle is uncovered!

And in animal world we know that there is the marking of territory, in which both dogs and cats do it, however, in unequal ways. Dogs often urinate in different places in the home, leaving their sign that the territory belongs to them. Cats, on the other hand, rub themselves on people, furniture and objects, using their scent to place their signature. A gland in the face exhales their characteristic aroma, so they can even touch what is "yours" with the rest of the body, but the head is always more intense. Have you noticed that?

Everyone knows that they sweat and the place they have in common to disperse the heat is the “cushions of the feet”. Moreover, kittens have sweat glands in the anus, lips and chin. Dogs, on the other hand, release their heat through their snouts too. And it is noteworthy that they not only sweat when they are above normal temperature, but also because of stress or fear.

But in the animal world there are many differences between them, such as the number of permanent teeth: while cats have 30, dogs have 42, 10 more than humans. In addition, the replacement of the cat's teeth is at 7 months of age, while dogs can start it at 4 months, with some cases that match and the pet begins its exchange around the middle of life.

Another differential of theirs is with regard to the erect tail: with this action the cats show that they are happy and confident, but if it is bristling, it is a sign that he is suspicious of something and feeling threatened. Then, instinctively they shiver their hair, to look bigger and try to intimidate what is frightening them. Dogs use this tactic as a means of domination of the environment.

Check out more interesting information about the animal world

Many things are fascinating in this great universe of animals, making the animal world become addictive in discovering more and more peculiarities. So, always stay informed about your pet, because only then will you be able to understand the reasons for each act, certain manias or what he is trying to say in his way. See some more curiosities:

  • Almost 10% of a cat's bones are on its tail, so it is the sensor that gives it balance and discernment of proportion of the dimensions of what it will have to deflect;
  • The hearing of the felines is much greater than that of a dog, something around 65 kilohertz, gaining from the 45 kilohertz of dogs (and 20 of humans);
  • All hairy canines have a pink tongue, except for two breeds: Chow-Chow and Shar Pei, both with bluish black coloring, also considered blue;
  • Dogs are the only animals with a prostate, like men;
  • Both dream. Have you ever seen your pet moving, crying or even shaking while they sleep? These are signs that they are in the sleep stage in which they have already started to dream, and may be influenced by what they went through that day or external factors of the moment, such as street noises or the television on with some more intense noise;

Cats are extremely clean and spend 30% of their lives cleaning themselves. The dogs, on the other hand, have personalities that can tip to be hygienic and itch for their owners when they want to bathe, or have a predisposition to be sloppy and run away from the water.

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