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Bullmastiff file

The Bullmastiff has become a very effective defense dog. It is said that once the owners of a house were gone, a thief entered the property and the servants released the dog, which brutally hit the stranger and kept him stranded on the floor for hours until its owners arrived.


To control poaching on farms and preserve games in 1860, keepers mixed the English Bulldog with the Mastiff, thus creating the Bullmastiff. His combination of athletics and strength has proven successful in policing large tracts of land. However, instead of attacking the attackers, the Bullmastiff hold them on the ground or corner them in some space until their owners arrive. When hunting problems subsided, Bullmastiffs continued to be successful, finding work as police dogs, military dogs and, of course, adorable companions.


These dogs are devoted protectors of their homes. They have a self-confidence that can be very useful when duty calls them. Despite this, they are the type of dog that catches the invader instead of hurting him. In addition, as their instinct is to protect the owner, they tend to react more to an intruder when you are at home. When they are not, they may not react at all.

This breed is protective and its specimens are kind companions for children. Parents are required to supervise when young children are playing with them, simply because of their size, to prevent an accident from occurring.


When we talk about Bullmastiff, we are talking about dogs of large size and volume, which can weigh, as adults, up to 60 kilos for males and 45 for females. As if that were not enough, what draws the most attention is its extraordinary head, compact, square and huge, adorned by a wide snout and also by its square and black nose, which rests on a powerful throat, which in turn it sits on a broad and equally powerful chest. Everything about that dog talks about his extraordinary strength.

The Bullmastiff is, in general, an animal with a relatively square and also very compact body, with robust and powerful forelegs, parallel to each other. Hind legs have strong legs and moderate angulations that end in strong, round feet. The tail is relatively long, as it reaches the withers, very wide at the base, narrowing to the tip.

Specific care

This breed adapts perfectly to life in the city and in apartments; he is not overly active, although he enjoys walking at a good pace. During its growth the exercise has to be very controlled to avoid musculoskeletal problems. They have a tendency towards obesity and do not give off body odors; its hygiene is simple, just brush it two or three times a week with a rubber glove. It is not advisable to bathe them, as this can severely alter the pH of your skin and generate dermatitis.


The breed is prone to have stomach twisting in old age and hip dysplasia.

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