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They say there is no better place for someone than their own home. We are dedicated to always keeping our home comfortable and safe, and this should be considered for the pet too, especially if he lives outside the house. To ensure that the dog has its own space in the home, a good alternative is to build a kennel.

For the owner who has external space and resources for the construction of a dog kennel to house your pet (or your pets), there are a number of factors to consider and a list of tips that he can follow in order to provide your dog with a space that meets his needs.

The first important point in building the space for the dog is the choice of place in the house; the kennel should be placed in an area that gets sunlight, since, as for us, taking a little sun is good for the dog's health, as it strengthens its bones. In addition, sunlight serves as a sterilizer for the environment.

Measures and characteristics of kennels for dogs

Dogs are burrowing animals, so they like and need to have a covered dog house that inspires security. The ideal for dogs is that the space is not too big; they need to be able to stand on all fours and walk around the body within the area.

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On the other hand, the owner needs to keep in mind that he will need to enter the place too, to clean the space or take care of his pet, so it is interesting that the area is higher, preventing the person from getting hurt or not really get in. In view of these two factors, a table of approximate measures for the internal area of ​​the kennel was defined according to the size of the dog that will use it:

  • Kennel for large dogs: a space of 4 square meters is enough for the dog to feel comfortable, without leaving too much space for him or less for those who are going to clean.
  • Kennel for medium dogs: the ideal indoor area is around 2.25 square meters for dogs to feel comfortable and safe.
  • Kennel for small dogs: small as a toy poodle or a shih tzu can also enjoy the comfort and convenience of a kennel just for them, and the indoor area can be about one square meter.

As important as the covered area, as we have already mentioned, is the outdoor area, exactly because the dog needs direct contact with sunlight. This area, also known as dog solarium, it must be bigger than the inside, because it is where the dog's food will be, the space for him to do his needs and also where he will walk a little while sunbathing.

Once the areas are defined, the owner must make sure that the kennel floor is made with a slight inclination of the bottom part towards the front, to make it easier for the water to drain when the dog is bathing or the owner is going to clean the kennel dirt.

An interesting point is, if possible, a faucet or even a sink so that the kennel has its own source of water, for local cleaning and your dog's belongings.

The walls of the dog kennel they must be built with clay brick and lined with cement and sand or tiles, to help create the ideal temperature in the kennel, in addition to facilitating cleaning and preventing the dog from opening holes in the wall when scratching it a lot.

The most important thing in building the kennel for your dog is that his needs and characteristics are thought of in the project. The dog's behavior, if it is easy to jump or a more aggressive guard dog, should be considered when defining the height of the fence or walls that will separate the kennel from the rest of the house, for example. The most important thing is safety, comfort and practicality, both for the dog and for the owner.

Ideally, the outside area of ​​the kennel - the solarium - should be surrounded with bars or some other material that allows the dog to see the outside and also not get hurt when jumping or playing. As metal gratings tend to rust, mainly due to the action of urine, build a small wall and place the gratings above it. The height of the fence must be considered according to the size of the dog, if he jumps a lot and if he is very aggressive, thus avoiding further inconvenience.

The floor deserves special attention as well as the walls, it should not be made of material that slips when wet, nor rough material to the point of retaining dirt, thus, the burnt cement is a good option for your floor. dog kennel. In addition, the option must be made taking into account the welfare of the animal, thus avoiding problems with joints and dysplasias.

The use of drains also helps to facilitate cleaning and the material used for doors must be resistant and well thought out, allowing the dog to be kept outside while cleaning the inner part of the kennel and vice versa, in addition to having a adequate size for the entry and exit of humans. As mentioned before, a slope in the construction helps with cleaning and in some cases ditches are built just below the end of the slope to collect water and dirt.

Food and water should be kept in the covered part, thus avoiding problems with excessive rain and sun, some people adopt the automatic drinker system, so that the pet always has water at their disposal. If possible build the kennel next to a tree that gives natural shade to the solarium during part of the day, guaranteeing a relief from the sun for your dog in the hottest days.

For the roof of the internal part, the ideal is a slab covered with wooden tiles, thus maintaining the ambient temperature, avoiding excess heat or cold. If you have more than one dog make sure that everyone coexists well and do not conflict constantly, otherwise, it is best that they have individualized kennels, separated by walls and not bars, thus avoiding possible conflicts.

Also think about the your dog's comfort inside the kennel, he can have a bed to avoid direct contact with the floor, which prevents the appearance of problems such as corns, keeps the puppy dry and more warm. Use a resistant wood, which supports the weight and bites of the animals, the most suitable is the ipe.

Do not forget also an electrical system for the kennel, which must have at least one outlet to help with the cleaning and preferably two lamps, one inside and one outside, with the switch on the outside or at a height that the dog not be able to reach.

THE kennel cleaning should be carried out with abundant water and chlorine, preferably weekly. The dog should only return to the environment after the odor of the product has disappeared and preferably with the place already dry. In addition, dogs should also be cleaned and cared for to avoid the presence of parasites, in case any dog ​​becomes ill, isolate him from contact with healthy dogs until he improves and takes care of the environment so that he can get rid of possible contamination.

Really think and study your project before putting it into practice, all details must be analyzed before construction, because after making changes they become more expensive and complicated. Do a price analysis of the materials that can be used and base yourself on those that fit your budget. Projects without a solarium are possible, but this kennel should be a temporary shelter and it will be necessary to walk daily or leave the animal loose during the day.

Remember that the dog is a clean animal and will feel much happier and healthier if it has an ideal environment that is not only done in a way that is ideal for it, but that it is also always clean and kept organized. Take good care of the kennel, because this is your pet's home.

Here is a very smart dog that was able to escape the kennel:

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