Seresto - the best cost-benefit ratio

There is a big impasse in the pet market regarding the Seresto Collar. Many claim not to sell the parasiticide because it has a high value in the face of competition. And it is in this context that its cost-benefit gains strength, since many attributes of it place it among the best options, if not the best in the market.

Its effectiveness is indisputable, as well as the ease of handling and use, in which the animal, be it a dog or a cat, uses the product in a natural way, as a usual accessory in its daily life. It does not bother, does not cause pain, allergies, bad smell and is safe.

Seresto fights, controls and prevents

Seresto comes out ahead when compared to other products for the same purpose primarily for its durability of up to 8 months. That is, you have an accessory that will take effect for almost a year, preventing the animal from having several harms, since the collar will fight them daily. The main victims of Seresto are fleas, ticks and Leishmaniasis.

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At fleas they are great causes of many discomfort and illnesses to the dog or the cat, mainly in the hot seasons, when they find favorable situation for their reproduction. Dermatitis allergic to bites, worm transmissions and bacteria, as well as anemia or stress are some of the many effects that fleas can cause.

Because of these problems, the pet may have loss of coat, skin lesions, diarrhea, convulsive attacks, irritability to the point of attacking people due to the great degree of itching or, in cases of puppies or the elderly, the death caused by anemia , from which they have no strength for recovery.

THE tick is another villain of animal health very well known by pet tutors, so taking precautions is the best way out. These arachnids feed on the blood of the dog or cat after biting and fixing on the skin. Even if not all ticks are infected with disease-causing agents, because only when they are carriers do they become “bridges” in the transmission of diseases, it is essential to protect pets from this threat. Among the diseases caused by ticks, we can mention:

  • Babesiosis (or Tick Disease): originates from the tick that has the protozoan Babesia canis, transmitting zoonosis to the pet at the time of the bite, which attacks red blood cells. It is considered very dangerous because its symptoms can take months to appear, causing anemia to be in an advanced state when discovered. Therefore, if tiredness, fever, chills, malaise, body aches and decreased appetite are perceived, the animal should be taken immediately to the veterinarian;
  • Lyme disease: this is an infection from the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, which it involves several organs, including the heart, the skin, the nervous system and the joints. The most common symptoms are fever, pain and lethargy, where he sleeps too much or loses consciousness. There is no vaccine against this disease, which makes prevention more than necessary to ensure the animal's well-being;
  • Ehrlichiosis or ehrlichiosis: this is a more common disease in dogs, but can also affect cats. Upon biting the dog, the tick injects a bacterium of the species Ehrlichia canis, causing an infection. Symptoms can take years to start. The presence of this microorganism can only be assessed through laboratory tests, however, some signs may indicate that the pet is infected: bleeding (mainly from the nose), lack of appetite, anemia, weakness, reddish spots on the skin, drowsiness and long periods of sleep;
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever: this disease can be noticed in humans from 2 to 14 days after the tick infected by the tick Cajennese Amblyoma, also known as star tickpoke the man. It is a vector between the human and the bacterium Rickettsia ricketsii. As the name of the disease suggests, it causes febrile states, but in an acute and fast way. And the biggest obstacle is that due to fever, many confuse spotted fever as a small malaise isolated in man, taking too long to treat it. With that, the intensity of the evolution can become irreversible.

Finally, we must mention all the problems that the Leishmaniasis may cause. Even though it is the target of many prevention campaigns spread throughout Brazil, it is still one of the diseases that most affect the pet world. Also called Canine Visceral Leishmaniasis, it is silent, staying in an incubation period that can take years to manifest.

The sites of the body compromised by this zoonosis are the bone marrow, the liver, the lymph nodes, the skin and the spleen. Even with blood transfusion, there is no way to cure the animal, leaving only the treatment.

The most common signs that show the infection of the pet by this disease are:

  • Weight loss
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Lifeless hair and shine
  • Fissures or wounds on the skin
  • Lack of appetite
  • Anemia
  • Vomiting
  • Ulcers
  • Easy
  • Somnolence
  • Seborrhea (due to wounds that do not heal)
  • Swelling of Organs compromised organs: ganglia, spleen, abdomen, liver (causing kidney failure as a result) and bleeding.

Therefore, prevention is the best alternative to ensure the health, quality of life and the very vitality of the animal. And Seresto is a product that encompasses all these needs, reducing the transmission of these diseases, preventing the pet from being infected by any of these diseases and combating these threats in all animals that use the collar. Remember: Seresto is the only one on the market to include Leishmaniasis in its prevention technology for up to 8 months for dogs and cats!

Disease protection = Long-term savings

This is another benefit when investing in the purchase of Seresto. Its action starts immediately, eliminating 99.8% of fleas within 24 hours and 97% of ticks within 48 hours. In addition, its odorless formula does not cause harm to animals, is water resistant, has a safety system against hanging and has controlled release of its technological patent.

When it comes to cost-benefit, Coleira Seresto offers saving time and money. If your pet will have up to 8 months of protection using Seresto, he will not need 8 doses of the application of the pipettes for monthly local use, as well as he will not have to use parasiticide pills in which, in the latter, all the parasites need to bite the animal to to die.

What if he is infected with zoonosis? More expenses will be in this account, in addition to the suffering of seeing the pet going through moments of complication, in addition to the rush and time spent with the appropriate treatment for the disease in question. And it's not even worth thinking about something worse, is it?

THE practicality it is a virtue that many people require in their lives, which is an unquestionable factor with Seresto. And knowing that your buddy (or buddy) is protected for so long, in an effective way, without you having to mark on the calendar when you should give the next dose or go out to buy the medicines month by month really makes Seresto Collar a great deal.

Not to mention that the product does not release dust, has no smell, is water resistant and can be used on dogs or cats, even puppies: with 7 weeks of life in dogs and 10 weeks for felines. That is, adults or babies, they can be protected 24 hours a day, for up to 8 months, giving the tutor the certainty that he is happy and free from the zoonoses that the product fights.

Multiple products in one

Once again it is worth mentioning: if a Seresto collar offers continuous protection against various diseases, there is no reason to worry about pills, injections, monthly prevention habits, among others, because in a single product you can have it all.

The Leash Seresto kills fleas, lice and ticks before they even bite the animal, also preventing Leishmaniasis, by acting in advance of the attack of the vector. It is also a great way to assist in the extermination of flea larvae, because especially in the summer, they proliferate quickly in the environment in which the animal lives and as these larvae feed on the hair and skin resulting from natural peeling, they will become intoxicated when feeding because the hair and skin will be impregnated by the active ingredients of Seresto

Do you have doubts about the period of action? As soon as you put the collar on the pet, it begins to be protected against fleas, which are 99.8% exterminated within 24 hours. For ticks, Seresto has an elimination effect in 48 hours, with 97% efficiency. And so, for 8 months the collar has the ideal effectiveness to ensure the well-being of the animal.

Finally, it is important to note that the product is totally safe for people, animals and the environment itself, which is an invaluable benefit for everyone's life.

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