Cute: Velvet paws clean "their people"

This is a true proof of love for a cat: these cute little tigers are cleaning and cleaning their owners and mistresses as much as they can.

Hygiene is the most important thing for cats. That is why they spend a not inconsiderable part of the day cleaning themselves thoroughly. So when a velvet paw cleans another or even a person - it really likes it. In this magical video you can see many excerpts from cute house tigers who lovingly put their "people" under a cat wash.

Right at the beginning of the short film, two cute cats take care of their master's hairstyle. Every hair is licked in shape and with a lot of dedication. In another sequence, a beautiful red tabby cat takes on her master's beard. She sits carefully next to him and cleans his goatee.

Cats at work: please do not disturb!