How to recognize the symptoms of Dachshund paralysis

Dachshund paralysis occurs as a result of a herniated disc and can cause various symptoms, which we would like to describe below. In any case, the disease, which mainly affects small, short-legged dogs, is very painful. The symptoms of Dachshund paralysis vary depending on the severity - Image: Shutterstock / YasenElena77

The symptoms of Dachshund paralysis are not always so severe and clear that the owner recognizes them immediately. Especially those who hold an endangered dog like a dachshund or beagle should therefore be sensitive to small signs. His dog should be treated by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

First signs of dachshund paralysis

It may be that your dog has severe pain after the herniated disc, but does not yet show any signs of paralysis. Perhaps he limps a little, shows less joy in walking than usual and you can see slight changes in his movement. He may also arch his back into a cat hump.

A touched dog can be sensitive to pain, such as howling, when touched in the leg and back areas. You should have these symptoms cleared up quickly by a veterinarian. Stir from dachshund paralysis, and remain untreated would quickly worsen.

Clear symptoms in severe Dachshund paralysis

The owner usually recognizes the more severe symptoms of dog sickness immediately. His dog has paralysis on the front or hind legs, limps heavily and pulls the affected limbs. His gait can be fluctuating. He doesn't succeed in small or large businesses, or where he shouldn't be doing it, for example in the house.

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Take your dog to the vet quickly so that he can help your beloved four-legged friend.

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