Hilarious Cat Adoption Profiles Will Make You Do A Spit Take!

February 22, 2017 Photos by: ObviousPlant

A man who sneaks funny signs into the real world embarked upon a clandestine mission: to write new profiles for adoptable cats at a California shelter. The result: thousands of people spitting out their coffee at the hilarity!

Jeff Wysaski says he lives, breathes and eats the Internet. He spends his days sneaking funny signs he’s created into the real world, and let us tell you, he is funny!

Recently, he decided to use his hilarity to help out his local pet adoption center, Sante D’Or in Los Angeles, California. His plan included secretly placing cat biography cards he’d created outside the shelter’s front window and sharing the pictures on all his social media sites. Jeff also let his followers know that every year, 2.7 million cats go unadopted, and he hoped his humor made the cats more ‘real,’ bring attention to the significant need for loving forever homes.

He posted his creations on Obvious Plant Facebook Page, and Sante D’Or responded, thanking him for the attention and encouraging him write even more biography cards for other shelter residents.

Here are a few of the cards we thought were brilliant:

Damn hipsters!

Lola and Delores…two old gals who are just looking for a little sunshine and a nice view. But, please keep them from feudal Japanese times and warlocks!

Choccy finds no merit in Nirvana or Pearl Jam and Mishka has had enough dress-up in her life!

Sabrina clearly has an eye for fashion and Honey thinks birds are naughty troublemakers!

Sylvia objects to the stealing of terminology the feline variety claims as its own. Zeta does not have time for ghosts.

Guinevere, Troy and I agree…my six-year-old picks that stinking Rainbow Road every single time and I hate it. Also, I’m married to a Lt. Colonel and think the spelling is wrong, too!

Lori Ennis

Lori Ennis is a wife, mama and friend to all animals. A self-confessed “Hot Mess,” she lives wherever the Marine Corps takes her husband. Currently, that’s Maryland with her very spoiled Labrador Retriever-mix rescue pups and a ton of saltwater fish just tanking around. Lori’s family has fostered dogs for years, mostly Golden Retrievers, and knows no home is complete without an animal buddy (or seven)!

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