Is dog liability compulsory in Germany?

Many dog ​​owners are wondering whether dog liability is compulsory in Germany. This cannot be answered with a clear yes or no, since the 16 federal states of the republic each have different laws on the subject of dog keeping, and thus also in terms of dog liability. Here is a small overview.

Dog liability in Germany is a federal matter

There are different regulations for dog liability in Germany, since this type of legislation falls under the state law. Where you, as a dog owner, have to prove a dog liability insurance in some federal states, this is completely voluntary in others.

Several countries are somewhere in between and it is only mandatory for certain dogs, which may depend on breed, height, weight or behavior. For dogs that fall into the category of fighting dogs or list dogs, dog insurance is inevitable.

This is how it looks in the federal states

Dog liability is now mandatory for the federal states of Berlin, Saxony-Anhalt, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Thuringia. In all other countries, insurance is either completely voluntary - for example in Bremen or Saarland - or there is only an obligation for "dangerous" or "conspicuous" dogs that are on a corresponding list.

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Dog liability insurance always makes sense

Regardless of whether a dog liability insurance is compulsory in your state, you should definitely think about taking out one in any case, since you are liable for all damage caused by your mustache. According to the law, paragraph 833, as a dog owner, you must pay for any damage caused by your dog.

Even if your dog is well behaved, dangerous situations can still arise at any time. From the gnawed shoe in the hallway to a caused traffic accident, everything is theoretically possible, which is why you should definitely take out liability insurance in Germany.

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