Is climbing unhealthy for small dogs?

Climbing stairs can be torture with an animal in your arms. But can small dogs take the stairs themselves without accepting any damage? Climbing the stairs is not good for all dogs - Image: Shutterstock / Luis-Carlos-Torres

If you mean it well with your animal, you can't really avoid taking your animal on your arm at times when climbing stairs. Because the strain is great when climbing stairs and especially young animals could get damaged because their muscles and joints are not yet fully developed.

Can small dogs never climb stairs?

If you can't avoid having your dog take the stairs yourself, that's not a problem, after all, most dogs should learn it at some point. In the case of puppies, the stairs should only not become a permanent burden. However, there are small dogs that should never take the stairs themselves - even if they are older.

The stairs are taboo for these four-legged friends

Dogs that should ideally not go up stairs for their entire life include those that have a long back in relation to the length of their legs. These include dog breeds such as the Basset Hound, the Pekingese, the French Bulldog or the Dachshund. Climbing the stairs puts so much strain on certain anatomical structures in these dogs that they could wear out more quickly.

One result of the stress can be a herniated disc. Small dogs are at risk of suffering one after the first year of life; in other dogs, this is usually only the case after the age of five.

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