If cats have mites: treatment

If you suspect mites in your cat, you should see a veterinarian for treatment. After diagnosis, he will determine a treatment method that best suits your cat. You can also do a lot at home. Treatment with mites is usually done by the vet - Image: Shutterstock / Hasloo Group Production Studio

Among other things, mites can be recognized by the fact that cats infected with them often scratch themselves and changes in the skin and hair occur: dull fur, inflamed and sore spots and particularly frequent scratching in the ear area could indicate that your cat has mites.

At the vet with suspected mites

First of all, the veterinarian makes an accurate diagnosis, because it is best to differentiate whether the - often quite similar symptoms - are caused by mites, fleas or other parasites. Depending on the severity of the infestation, your pet and all other fur noses that live in your household will be treated with a medicinal preparation that is usually used externally.

Examples are spot-on preparations, shampoos or powder for cats. Age, health and weight of your pet play a role in the selection of the product.

Further treatment and prevention of new infestation

If the scratches cause inflammation or sores, the vet will treat them too, so that your pet can literally feel comfortable in its skin again. An environmental spray is also sometimes brought home so that you can treat the freshly cleaned equipment there and protect yourself from new infections.

Cats: tips for a good immune system

A good immune system is also important for cats. The immune defense can be above all through the diet ...

In general, after a mite infestation, it is necessary to take more measures to successfully prevent a new infestation. After all, every parasite infestation is a burden for your house tiger.