German Wirehaired Pointer: hunting dog with character

The German Wirehaired Pointer is a friendly hunting dog with a lively, persistent character. He is bursting with energy, but is also a reliable, balanced family dog ​​if he is kept properly. An exciting character: The German Wirehaired Pointer - Image: Shutterstock / Lee31

The German Wirehaired Pointer is a typical hunting dog with a lot of persistence and perseverance. When hunting, he shows zeal and commitment, is curious, lively and attentive. Above all, his character is characterized by his intelligence and his willingness to work.

German Wirehaired Pointer: Smart, enthusiastic about learning and strong in character

The German Wirehaired Pointer is incredibly smart and will always surprise its owners with how quickly and happily it learns new things. For this reason, he is quickly underwhelmed and is a four-legged friend who loves variety. A task suits his learned, zealous nature very much - especially if he is not kept as a hunting dog, but as a companion dog.

His balanced nature is also typical for the hound dog with the wiry fur. He has a high level of self-confidence, is nerve-racking and is hardly afraid of anything. Aggression is not in its nature at all, only the dog can be a little stubborn now and then - after all, it is a workhorse, not a lap dog.

Kind to humans and animals

The German Wirehaired Pointer loves its people and attaches great importance to family integration. He is also a friendly, patient and stable play partner for children. He is not a bit resentful, but still not a dog for beginners - just like all other hunting dogs.

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The four-legged friend with the hunting passion usually behaves socially and friendly towards other four-legged friends, he often shows a somewhat cool distance to strangers and is very alert, but not unfriendly.

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